About Us

r66-MarriedCoupleWelcome to the Retro Shave Shop, a home based, artisan soap shop in the heart of The Valley of the Sun in Arizona. I am Kt, a retro girl, shop owner, chief soap maker, pot stirrer and sadly…pot washer. Ably assisted by a retro guy (aka the Hubby), lifter of heavy boxes and buckets of oils, packing helper, post office runner and delivery truck chaser extraordinaire. We make a good team.

We think, when you buy shaving soap, you should get real soap. Not a tube, tub or can full of synthetic ingredients and none of the seriously good stuff…like skin loving natural oils, creamy milks, hydrating lanolin, or naturally occurring glycerin that is created during the soap making process, and remains in handmade soap. And so, Kt creates Route 66 Shaving Soap in the time honored, old fashioned way…by hand and from scratch.

We believe in offering a quality product at a fair price, and treating our customers the way we would like to be treated. It’s not called The Golden Rule for nothing! We’re easy to Get in Touch with and would love to hear from you.

How it Began

r66-PipeManHiResOne of my favorite childhood memories was watching my dad swirl his shaving brush in a mug, whipping up a thick, creamy lather to be slathered over his face and neck. I watched mesmerized as he carefully passed a sharp blade over his cheeks and chin, removing those pesky whiskers that rubbed against my face when he scooped me up for a hug.

After a decade of handcrafting every type of soap imaginable, I realized I had never made a shaving soap. So, inspired by my beloved Dad, the research and testing began. Many months and dozens of test batches later, with feedback from my patient and thorough crack crew of diehard wet shaving testers, (you know who you are!), the final formula was born. To celebrate my childhood home in Flagstaff, Arizona, at the foot of a small mountain, a few blocks north of Historic Route 66, I officially christened it Route 66 Shaving Soap.

You can get more info and the scoop on our ingredients here.

Happy Shaving!