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Soap Making


Good soap making, like good cooking is a combination of art and science. In the culinary world they say, “The proof is in the pudding”. In the soaping world, “The proof is in the fatty acid content”. Doesn’t have quite the same poetic ring does it? Nonetheless ’tis true.

Choosing the right oils, with the right fatty acid content, and combining them in the right proportions, determines the type of lather the soap will produce.

Unlike the light, airy, cleansing bubbles desired in a bath soap, shaving soaps need long lasting, tight, dense lather with plenty of slickness and protective cushion. Not to mention, lots of skin conditioning goodies for a great post shave feel and of course, some fab fragrances.

Our Soap

STYLE/PROCESS: Our shaving soap is often referred to as Italian Style. It’s not a rock hard puck, a croap or soft cream, but has a semi-solid consistency somewhat like thick putty. We make every batch from scratch using the hot process method, which simply means the soap batter is slow cooked until the oils are saponified (converted to soap). It’s science of course, but we like to call it magic!

CURING/BENEFITS: Even though hot processed soap can be used as soon as it cools and solidifies, we cure every batch for a minimum of 6 weeks to allow the excess water to evaporate and insure the mildness, lather and conditioning properties reach their potential. The beauty of handmade soap is not just the lack of synthetic ingredients, but the abundance of skin friendly, natural ingredients. Another bonus…they get better with age!

PACKAGING: We package our soap in recyclable/re-useable 4 inch wide jars, filled just a bit below the top to allow for easy brush loading and less mess. When cured every jar contains a bit over 5 ounces/142 grams.

The Goodies in Route 66 Shave Soap

Stearic Acid – Stearic acid can be found in vegetable, animal or synthetic sources. Our stearic acid is 100% plant derived. In our shaving soap it’s the shining star, the “Big Cheese” and the main “man” sustaining the creamy, slick lather with the effortless glide wet shavers love.

Palm Kernel Oil – Palm Kernel Oil is one of the “lather producing” oils of the soap making world. Obtained from the kernel of Elaeis Guineensis tree, it’s high in Lauric Acid and extremely emollient. Milder than coconut oil, it produces a tighter, creamier lather. We’re “over the moon” over this oil. After two years plus of our begging, our supplier has finally managed to source a Certified Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil.

Glycerin – Glycerin is a thick viscous liquid, naturally produced during the soap making process. It’s a natural humectant, attracting and holding moisture on your skin. We add additional pure vegetable glycerin into every batch of our shaving soap. Why? It not only stabilizes and boosts the lather, it adds a wonderful slickness.

Lanolin – Processed from sheep’s wool after shearing, lanolin is then refined and purified to cosmetic specifications. Often referred to as “wool fat”, lanolin is not a true fat, but a complex mix of sterol esters renowned for it’s ability to restore skin’s moisture levels and provide continual hydration. It moisturizes and protects skin during and after shaving.

Coconut Milk – Coconut Milk is high Vitamins C and E, as well as those all important fatty acids. Pressed from the flesh of the coconut “meat” surrounding the inner shell, it helps build lather and imparts a nice creaminess as well.

Avocado Oil – Cold pressed from the fruit pulp of the Persea Gratissima avocado, the oil is high in vitamins A, B1 and B2. Avocado Oil adds moisturizing benefits and an incredible creaminess to the lather. It’s non-comedogenic, and good for all skin types.

Silk Amino Acids – Also known as hydrolyzed silk protein, silk amino acids enhance lather slickness, silkiness and glide. Our silk is cruelty free, taken from the cocoon of the silkworm moth after it has emerged.

Fragrance / Essential Oils – Coming Soon!